Panega Sports at the Olympics

Panega Sports at the olympics22/07/2021 In a close cooperation with Sport Vlaanderen (the governing agency of elite sports in Belgium), Panega became an essential tool for Team Belgium! A recap:  December 2019: At the invitation of the medical staff of Team Belgium,...

Article: change management in sports organisations

Article: change management in sports organisations25/05/2021 Success is a moving target!Change is one of the most talked about aspects of sport. But change is also one of the hardest things to actually introduce successfully and sustain in any sporting...

Partnership LowLandLions

LowLandLions and Panega Sports signs a 3yr deal! LowLandLions, the eSports team operating in Belgium/The Netherlands, is the most decorated champion in the region, with a multitude of international victories and achievements.

Article: return to sport

Article: return to sport16/12/2020 Return to Sport : how to apply the 2016 consensus statement in your sports organization Return to sport decisions are the most difficult and sometimes most important decisions in the careers of many athletes. These are formed by a...

Tom Coeckelberghs

“Our choice for the partnership with Panega is also fully in line with that perspective. Especially the fact that it is a very substantive collaboration is a positive thing for me; we have certainly found each other in that.”

Sofie Debaere

Sofie Debaere22/06/2020 Elite Sports & Science, a combination that is here to stay. For Sport Vlaanderen, the governing agency overseeing sports in Flanders (the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium), Sofie Debaere is the Project Lead for this domain. Currently, she is...