Article: Why using sRPE is a valid and cheap solution in monitoring your training and game workloads


Using session Rate of Perceived Exertion (sRPE) is a cheap and easy tool to start monitoring the workload of a training or a game.

The training load is calculated by multiplying the training session intensity (perceived exertion) by the duration of the session.
It is very important to obtain this sRPE within 30min after each session. Waiting too long or not long enough would not present an accurate estimation of the workload.

Session-RPE method has been shown to be valid, reliable and very useful on the field.
Nevertheless, other subjective measures also show high value. Coaches and staff cannot also exclude the possibility of adding to subjective measures, other objective measures (e.g., HR measures, adapted for endurance sports, and/or GPS measures, adapted for team) complementing even more the data obtained from subjective measures.

Fine individualization is probably a key to training outcome optimization. In order to assess the status of the athlete before the training session, it would be interesting to complement the use of RPE with a “wellness index” (e.g., Hooper index or other tools). This would allow adapting the coming scheduled training session to the actual status of the athlete of that day in that particular moment.

With Panega, we offer a cheap and easy way of combining sRPE with e.g. Hooper questionnaires, both via using the mobile Athlete App, ánd adding objective & subjective measures too, to create the 360° view on the athletes.

This article is part of a series and aims to translate scientific literature into the field of work in which we, as a company, can support to make this translation possible.