Governing bodies

You are the governing body and therefore in charge of developing sports at all levels from grassroots and local to high-performance and national.

Our specific solutions for you:


  • An  OVERARCHING TOOL  that can be implemented top-down to all your federations and their clubs, independent of sport organization size, to manage both your elite sports and your grassroots activities.
  • A platform in which to centralize unprecedented amounts of cross-sport data, giving you the tools to become an  INNOVATION DRIVER  whilst working together with independent experts, research institutes and universities.
  • A technical solution for you to use as a  KNOWLEDGE CENTRE  to help you lead all your federations in their digital journey and to implement all required steps towards full compliance to national and international regulations i.e. GDPR etc.

National olympic committees

As the NOC, your mission is to promote Olympic values, to protect the integrity of sports and to be your country’s most visible diplomat.

Our specific solutions for you:


  • An  ORGANIZATIONAL PLATFORM  for all your administrative, medical, paramedical and communication needs throughout the Olympic cycle.
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  • A tool to prepare, guide and support  YOUR ATHLETES  to provide the best possible image of your country at the Olympic Games.
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  • An overarching tool for permanent granular and full  OVERVIEWS  of all your athletes at all moments within the Olympic cycle.

Sports federations

You are a National Sports Federation and therefore responsible for everything related to your sport in your country.

Our specific solutions for you:


  • An overarching and  HIGH VALUE FOR MONEY  solution that can be implemented top-down to all your clubs, to cater both their elite athletes as all their grassroots activities.
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  • A solution to  AUTOMATE  specific actions such as selection trials, training, educational activities, etc.
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  • A complete solution that supports you in being the ADMINISTRATOR, PROMOTOR and INNOVATOR in your sport.

Professional sports clubs

You are an ambitious club and therefore constantly in search for ways to put yourself ahead of the competition by looking for the marginal gains. You want to minimize costs and to maximize your daily performance at every level.

Our specific solutions for you:


  • An integrated management and information system that allows  EVERY MEMBER OF YOUR STAFF  from all your departments (sports, medical, etc.) to make data-driven decisions specific only to their own workflow.
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  • A DATA INTEGRATOR  to centralize, analyze and visualize the data of all your athletes from the smallest age group to the first team.
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  • A tool to create your own  DATABANK  based on your own mission, vision and methodology to avoid knowledge loss due to personnel changes.
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  • A tool to show your commitment to  INNOVATION AND DIGITIZATION  as the only way forward.


You are a league and therefore the competition manager and the innovation facilitator. You are looking for solutions that facilitates your league and all related clubs on organizational level and in their quest for new revenue streams.

Our specific solutions for you:


  • A complete solution that supports you in being the  ADMINISTRATOR, PROMOTOR AND INNOVATOR  in your sport.
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  • An overarching and  HIGH VALUE FOR MONEY  solution that can be offered to all your clubs, giving them access to a complete platform to centralize, analyze and visualize the data of all their athletes.
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  • A MONETIZABLE PRODUCT  that gives you the means to engage with your fans through marketable insights and statistics.

Universities, high schools, colleges

As a University, High School or College, you are going the extra mile to put your varsity teams in front of the competition. Your sports program needs to be better than the one of competing universities.

Our specific solutions for you:


  • A cost-efficient  MULTISPORT PLATFORM  that minimizes tool redundancy, that encourages cross-departmental knowledge sharing and maximizes your financial investments.
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  • The information to make  DATA-BASED DRIVEN DECISIONS  on the need for physical activity for the whole student body.
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  • An  ADMINISTRATIVE PLATFORM  to manage the sports department’s classes, installations and staff. ‏‏‎

Training centers

You are a training centre and your mission is to train, monitor and grow young talent using your own vision and methodology. You need to deliver better results than those of the competitions to ensure a constant influx of new athletes.

Our specific solutions for you:


  • An integrated management and information system that allows you to implement your own  METHODOLOGY  via low threshold information transfer to all your departments.
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  • A DATA INTEGRATOR  to centralize, analyze and visualize the data of all your athletes from all your sports teams, both elite and grassroots.
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  • A tool to show your commitment to  INNOVATION AND DIGITIZATION  as the only way forward.

We are an eco-system of modules:

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any device









A secure, GDPR-compliant platform with role-based access built on your own defined and strict criteria.

  • A GDPR-compliant platform independently tested and approved by ethical hackers
  • Role-based access to ensure full compliance with privacy regulations and to eliminate the risk of sensitive data leaks
  • Two-Factor Authentication for that extra layer of security for all platform’s users

A cost-effective global platform that can replace your other “island” solutions, exclude redundant tooling and maximize your investments.

  • A complete solution to break-out information silos and to allow you to make data-driven decisions quickly
  • A collaborative tool to improve consistency throughout your organization
  • A real-time and easy-to-use single source of truth for all your departments that allows users to collaborate and work simultaneously on tasks

An agnostic Operating System with extensive mobile features to cater to the modern sportsperson.

  • A full suite of user-friendly mobile apps for the different users of the system
  • Easy sharing of videos, tasks, documents, calendar, etc.
  • Access to additional revenue through the white label set of apps that can be monetized with the help of sponsors

A complete back-office platform to manage administration, calendars, documents, …

  • A central repository for all your back-office needs
  • Global calendar to manage all your appointment types such as competitions, training, doctor visits, and many more
  • A databank to manage all governmental requirements for all your staff and athletes, passport and work permit expiration dates, mandatory check-ups, etc.
  • A platform to allow your staff and athletes to upload and share documents such as contracts, identity documents or travel expenses for timely reimbursement

An athlete centered solution to maximize their potential, featuring extensive personal development, tasks, testing and performance modules.

  • The tools to monitor, guide and manage your athletes during their career/ stay with club.
  • A flexible solution where coaching staff and athletes can develop together the personal development, testing and performance indicators based on the philosophy and sports methodology of both the organisation and the athletes.
  • A platform that can help minimize athlete churn at critical ages by collecting early drop-out indicators (training sessions absence, lower performance, well-being or physical questionnaire answers)

Categorize, analyze, merge and share all your videos with the Panega centralized video

  • A complete and editable store-and-share video platform for competition, training sessions or educational clips
  • The solution to make in-mirror video analysis and playlists, using extensive drawing functionalities
  • The ability to couple videos to athletes, their tests, training and injuries, for a complete and around-the-clock overview

Build your own training library, including templates, topics & objectives – for easy creation and follow-up.

  • A full physical exercise repository tailored for the needs of the respective team and/or age group
  • The tool to track duration, sRPE and thus load in order to be able to make continuous program adjustments where necessary
  • Your own complete database to centralize, analyze and visualize all your athlete’s training performance that stays with you regardless of staff changes thus canceling the risk of knowledge-loss.

 Easy to use well-being and medical functionalities visible in a very straightforward way.

  • A secured healthcare platform that gathers all your athlete’s medical, well-being and psychological history
  • A central repository for all medical records
  • An instant view of your injured athletes and the respective severity of their injuries to allow you to always field the most valuable and valid athletes

Standardized data gathering enabling all data reporting and business intelligence analysis.

  • Open API allowing import and export from all common 3rd party data sources like tracking devices, annotating analysis, sensors, IT systems, wearables and a variety of files such as CSV, JSON, XML.
  • Visualize your data in tailor-made dashboards
  • Embed your own BI tool such as Power BI, Tableau, … to our platform

Keep your conversations private by using Panega Sports as your communication tool via our chat, comment or push notifications functionalities

  • Panega Sports helps you secure, centralize and streamline your communication flows between all stakeholders and all departments via chats, comments, push notifications, document sharing, etc.
  • Users can integrate their Panega events in their own calendar through the Ical functionality
  • Instant overview of all communication channels to allow decision-makers to make quick intelligence-based decisions