Partnership LowLandLions


LowLandLions and Panega Sports signs a 3yr deal!

LowLandLions, the eSports team operating in Belgium/The Netherlands, is the most decorated champion in the region, with a multitude of international victories and achievements.

In order to provide their e-players and communities the best circumstances possible to compete and grow towards a professional career, they choose Panega as their ‘Athlete Development’ tool.

Steven Belen – CEO QuESD:
Being a sport & tech company, it feels like a natural step for us to enter this emerging eSports business.
We are proud to receive the trust of the LowLandLions in these turbulent times, whereby we share their mindset that now is the time to invest and innovate.

Filip Langerock – owner & Managing Director LowLandLions:
“As a Benelux eSports organization we strive to get our local talent the best circumstances to grow towards a professional eSports career. With the addition of Panega in our structure, we believe that our recruitment process, player follow-up, and our talent development will reach new heights.”

Frederik Derdin – Project Lead Panega Sports
The innovative way that LowLandLions wants to manage their e-players, it 100% matches our Panega-DNA.
We are proud and super-excited about this new partnership. It’ll enable new insights and strengths to both companies, all for the benefit of the e-players.
We’ll be using our yearlong ‘athlete development’ experience in traditional sports, and together we’ll shape it to the needs of this great new industry!